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The Need for Weed – A brief Summary of Cannabis in India

Before we introduce our company, it is important to understand why we took this path and the reason behind our whole drive, theme and name. It all boils down to one word, the one plant, that one conscious being, Cannabis. To many who are not in tune with the natural world around us, our love for this plant may seem a little far-fetched, but any true love will always seem a bit odd to those who have not felt loves warm embrace, especially one originating from a plant!

It’s as simple as this, wouldn’t you like to give back to someone who helped you out in your time of need? Well, that’s precisely what cannabis has done for us, and what better way to give back than to spread the word about the good deeds of weed!

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What has cannabis taught us you say?

Well, other than cannabis being a psychotropic substance which tends to bestow love, joy, creativity, and empathy on its users, this plant opened us up to a whole world of organic potential. We realized that products made from petrochemicals, could very well be made from organic substitutes instead.

It is not a new discovery.

Like I said, it was more of a simple realization that lead us down this path of organic supremacy. The only reason petrochemicals thrive these days is because of its cost-effectiveness. It is not that the organic industry is expensive, it is just not as established as the industries which are lobbying against it, timber, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, to name a few. This will always be the only factor why the organic industries are not growing.

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Cannabis, other than the recreational use it is most famous for, can be made into 30,000 different products, from food, fiber and fuel to biodegradable plastics, medicines and even fireproof building materials.

It’s no wonder that there are so many industries against its commercialization! How will all the current billionaires survive or shift markets? It is not that they can’t, but when you get comfortable doing what you are doing and your bank balance remains ever increasing, why change anything?

It is just human nature to look for comfort, whether it is material or spiritual, but one person’s comfort should not come at the expense of others or the environment. That act is unethical in every sense possible.

Cannabis is one of the fastest growing plants, having the highest biomass yield per hectare It grows to maturity in 4-6 months, and depending on the strain [subtype] can yield more seeds or fiber according to the requirement and the grow style. Cannabis might’ve even got its street name “weed” just because of how fast it grows! There are cannabis strains which can grow in almost all sorts of environment, so there will never be a problem about growing (when it’s legal of course). With cannabis gaining more and more popularity these days, and hemp slowly being recognized as a potential goldmine, it is only a matter of time before the Indian government wants a slice of this monetary pie.

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To India, Cannabis is one of the five holy plants mentioned in the vedas, with an angelic guardian residing in its leaves,

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which I personally feel is the combination of CBD and THC, the main chemicals in cannabis which provides us with those life-saving medicines. The Vedas call cannabis a source of happiness, the joy-giver, the liberator, and it was compassionately given to us humans to help attain delight, lose fear and destroy our anxiety. But more on this later.

I’d like to mention, that 130 medicines in Ayurveda currently use cannabis as a base for relief, the base being made from the leaves and the seeds of the plant. But cannabis, as an ingredient in Ayurveda, is never named as cannabis or bhang, it is usually a local name like Vijaya, Ananda, etc. Mostly to avoid conflict or unrest in the community to those whose eyes have not been opened.

There is also a thriving cottage industry in the Northern part of the country, where cannabis is looked upon as “Shiv-prasad” (Shiva’s food). It grows rampant with no one paying the slightest mind to it, not unless the locals need to make some “Bhang Bheej ka sabji” (a mix of hemp seed, pulses and pickles) or “Bhang lassi”, when that colourful time of year comes around.

Misinformation is the only cause of our country’s paranoid, love-hate relationship with this plant. This is why B.E Hemp was born, this is why we work and toil. We seek to provide justice to this poor bystander of the industrial age, a mute, yet helpful being. We shall provide a voice for this plant if no one else will, it is only the right thing to do, and we welcome anyone looking to spread the real message of cannabis!

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There is just too much to say about cannabis in just the first blog, and I therefore urge you to stay in tune, as we may need some green warriors soon!

We’re all part of the same world, let us grow together (no pun intended…maybe), love one another and take the human race forward into the future with a strategic balance between technology and nature.

~ Yours most High, but not Mighty,

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