High Crimes: Debunking the Myth of Serial Killers and Stoned Scares

Welcome, fellow curious minds, to a mind-boggling exploration of the enigmatic world of serial killers and the herbaceous delight known as cannabis! Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster ride of genetics, empathy, and that oh-so-sought-after “high” as we delve into the question: What happens when a serial killer smokes weed?

The Dance of Genetics and the Amygdala:

Let’s start with the cast of characters—serial killers, those individuals with psychopathic tendencies that can send shivers down our spines. These charming deviants often have a little genetic disorder party happening in their brains, particularly in the amygdala—the seat of empathy and the sympathetic nervous system, the very essence of our fight or flight response.

The Average Stoner vs. the Serial Killer:

Now, let’s meet the average stoner, that loveable character who seeks solace in the swirling clouds of THC-induced bliss. Picture this: a functioning amygdala, ready to boogie with the high. When our average Joe tokes up, the THC takes hold and catapults him into a different dimension of consciousness. But what about our notorious serial killer?

The “High”rarchy: THC and the Brain’s VIPs:

Here’s where things get intriguing. THC, that mischievous compound in cannabis, has a more moderate impact on the hypothalamus, amygdala, and brain stem of our psychopathic friends. It’s like the VIP section of the brain, where only the finest connections get to party. As a result, the effects of THC on serial killers might be a tad milder compared to your average Joe, leaving them slightly less “higher” than their cannabis-loving counterparts.

Judgment and Murder: A Complex Tango:

But wait, don’t whip out those dancing shoes just yet! While THC might sway their minds in a subtler way, it’s essential to note that impaired judgment or a sudden aversion to killing is not the name of this dance. The reasons behind a serial killer’s actions go far beyond the realms of THC-induced hazes. We’re talking about a complex tango involving genetics, environment, and psychological intricacies that cannot be pinned on a single puff of the good stuff.

Cannabis: Scapegoat or Innocent Bystander?

It’s time to dispel the haze of misinformation that often surrounds cannabis. Let’s set the record straight—cannabis doesn’t wield a magic wand that transforms individuals into remorseless killers. It’s all too easy for people to use it as a convenient scapegoat, absolving themselves of personal responsibility. The truth is, cannabis doesn’t define who a person is; it’s merely a misunderstood companion along for the ride.


In this intoxicating journey through the intertwined realms of serial killers and cannabis, we’ve learned that the effects of THC on our infamous friends might be a bit milder than expected. While it’s true that THC’s impact on their amygdala is not as pronounced, let’s remember that cannabis is not the ultimate puppet master behind their dark deeds. The truth lies within the complex tapestry of genetics, environment, and personal psychology. So, my fellow truth seekers, let us break free from the haze of misconceptions and strive for a more nuanced understanding of the mysterious dance between serial killers and the herb.

~ Yours Most High, but not Mighty

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