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Introducing B.E Hemp: Where Nature Meets Innovation!

Welcome to the world of B.E Hemp India, a revolutionary company that’s changing the game in sustainable living. Our mission is simple: to harness the incredible power of hemp and bring it to your doorstep in the most innovative and exciting ways possible. With a dash of wit and a commitment to quality, we’re here to show you that hemp is more than just a plant—it’s a lifestyle.

At B.E Hemp, we believe in the transformative potential of nature’s finest gift, hemp. Our website is a gateway to a universe where eco-consciousness and modern living coexist harmoniously. Prepare to be captivated as we take you on a journey that fuses the wonders of hemp with our unwavering commitment to innovation.

We’ve curated an exquisite collection of hemp-based products that redefine what it means to live sustainably. From fashion-forward apparel to beauty essentials, home decor to wellness solutions, our offerings will leave you inspired and craving for more. Each product in our range is meticulously crafted, ensuring the highest quality and a guilt-free shopping experience.

But B.E Hemp is not just about products; it’s a community—a gathering place for like-minded individuals who share a passion for a greener future. Our blog is an oasis of knowledge where we dive deep into the world of hemp, exploring its versatility, unravelling its secrets, and sharing tips on how to incorporate it into your daily life. Join the conversation and become part of a movement that’s changing the world, one hemp leaf at a time.

What sets us apart from the rest is our witty approach to sustainability. We believe that saving the planet doesn’t have to be dull and serious. Through our engaging content and playful storytelling, we strive to make eco-consciousness fun, exciting, and accessible to everyone. So prepare to be entertained as you explore our website, where education and entertainment go hand in hand.

At B.E Hemp, we take pride in being at the forefront of hemp innovation. Our team of passionate experts works tirelessly to bring you groundbreaking products that defy expectations and push the boundaries of what’s possible. We’re not afraid to challenge conventions and rewrite the rulebook of sustainable living.

So, whether you’re a seasoned hemp enthusiast or someone curious to dip their toes into the world of eco-friendly living, B.E Hemp is your go-to destination. Unleash your inner eco-warrior, embrace the power of hemp, and join us as we revolutionize the way we live, one hemp-infused adventure at a time.

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Meet the Founder

Having been a part of the Hemp industry since 2011, Elston Menezes, together with his former partner, began B.E Hemp India with the intention of creating awareness on the numerous benefits of growing, cultivating and using Hemp. What started out as a social idea eventually became a business focused on procuring and sourcing the most affordable and finest quality Hemp products.

Elston, through B.E Hemp India, has collaborated and coordinated with numerous Hemp suppliers around the world, ranging from our very own country, to Nepal, U.S.A and Europe, and has helped open up new markets for Indian and foreign Hemp suppliers.

Elston also looks to other pursuits in the field of art in order to satisfy his creative drive. Having had an affinity towards art since his childhood, he aims to finish drawing and writing his fantasy graphic novel, pursue his voice over career and tend to his much neglected garden, while also perfecting his culinary skills!

"It is never too late to learn, and since we have only one life to live, we might as well learn it all".

- Elston Menezes (Owner of B.E Hemp India)

Why B.E Hemp?

B.E Hemp India is your one-stop shop for all things cannabis! Our main goal is to provide ethically-sourced hemp products at an affordable price.


We aim to provide easy access to unique hemp products, while also affiliating with other hemp brands, in order to provide you with a range of eco-friendly hemp choices!


Oh, and we ship all over India!



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