Juicy Hemp Wraps


Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps are made using 100% pure hemp for a new blunt experience. These delicious wraps come with two wraps in each pack.

These Hemp Blunts are sealed to keep it fresh and come in a resealable zip lock pack for easy storage. There’s no tobacco, no nicotine, its vegan friendly and oh so tasty!

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Wanna smoke the natural way with a pure hemp wrap? Now you can with Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps! Designed by the same group that brings you Juicy Jay’s Papers, hemp wraps make rolling a quick smoke simple and satisfying.

Flavorful | Juicy Jay is world renowned for its great variety of flavorful selection to smoke from. All our wraps all-natural and come in a HUGE selection of flavors. These also come all the way from Alcoy, Spain.

The six awesome flavours you’ll get:

  • Original
  • Purple
  • Red Alert
  • Blue
  • Tropical
  • Manic

Original, Purple, Red Alert, Blue, Tropical, Manic, All Variants

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