B.E Hemp 100% Pure Unbleached Hemp Papers Regular 60 Leaves (Small size)


While being the first to introduce pure Hemp papers from an Indian brand, B.E Hemp’s 100% Unbleached Hemp papers are the first of our limited series of collectible artwork featuring desi/local artists!

These booklets are only printed in limited series and are only brought back on demand. The first edition currently features artwork from the great Danger Cat Studios, who’s been responsible for cover art ranging from music albums to children’s stories and novels!

Rolling Paper Specs:-
● Slow burning
● 13 GSM
● 60 Unbleached Hemp leaves
● Regular Size
● 100% Pure Unbleached Hemp paper
● Artwork by Danger Cat Studios

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Single booklet, 3 for Rs 150, 5 for Rs 225, 10 for Rs 420, Box of 50 for Rs 1799

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