Kabungabunga Ritual Mix x Rolling Paper Combos @ 10% Discount


Now Available with a variety of Paper combos! Pick and choose your favorite papes and get all combos at a 10% Discount

A repertory of plants, herbs, leaves, bark, roots that can be used to induce a recreational state of mind. These active herbs may help you quit smoking, soothe your oral fixation or simply relax you after a hard journey.

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Contents – Mullein, Sage, Calendula, Lavender and dried Rose Petals.

Quantity  Р10 grams

Brew it,

Roll it,

Or pack it in your pipe!

Theres’s no way you can go wrong with this ritual blends.


Kabungabunga x B.E Hemp, kabungabunga x Ross' gold, Kabungabunga x Gizeh Pure, Kabungabunga x Gizeh Superfine, Kabungabunga x Smoking Organic, Kabungabunga x Smoking Thinnest, Kabungabunga x Pure Hemp Classic, Kabungabunga x RAW Connoisseur 1 1/4th, Kabungabunga x RAW 1 1/4th, Kabungabunga x RAW Black, Kabungabunga Ritual Mix 10g

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