Jay’s Enhanced Hemp Wraps


Product Details:


  • 2 Piece in each Pack
  • Flavours – Red Storm, Purple Wave, Eldorado, Amarillo
  • Made out of Triple dip Flavor System
  • Made of Pure Hemp
  • Natural Sugar Gum
  • Burns Slowly and Evenly
  • Resealable Zip Lock Pack


Product Description:

Juicy Jay has been a benchmark for flavored rolling paper, blunts, flavored hemp wraps, etc in the smoking industry and has been coming up with new and exciting flavors and innovations to keep the excitement on among its lovers. Juicy Jay has a range of flavors when it comes to rolling papers, blunts, and wraps and every flavor has its own uniqueness and fun. The Juicy Jay Terpene Enhanced Blunt Wraps are made up of organic hemp with a triple-dip flavor system, which makes it more juicy and classy. The Juicy Jay Red Storm Flavor has Cherry Pie flavor that is different from anything you have ever tried in the world of flavors blunts.

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  • Wraps per Pack: 2 Wraps of blissfulness
  • Flavor: The wrap contains a sweet flavor of cherry pie that is a sweet in taste. The new flavor of juicy jay wrap will lit up your taste buds, as it will be something that you might have never tasted before.
  • Triple Dip Flavor System: Juicy Jay has a technique of making this smoking cigar wraps so juicy and tasty. These cigarette blunt wraps are processed with a triple-dip flavor system, in which the blunt wrap paper is dipped thrice in the flavor and soaked for a week to infuse it with a juicy taste for a smooth smoking experience.
  • Made of Pure Hemp: Keeping things in mind, Juicy Jay produces its rolling papers and blunt wraps out of natural fibers that are environment-friendly. Each of the cigarette blunt cigar wraps by Juicy Jay is made up of Pure Hemp to give their customers a better smoking experience.
  • Natural Sugar Gum:  The gum used in these flavored smoking cigar blunt is natural gum extracted from plants

Red Storm, Purple Wave, Eldorado, Amarillo, All Variants

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