Irie Kingsize Hemp Papers (64 leaves)

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Product Details

  • 64 Leaves in a Booklet
  • Made of Hemp
  • Dimensions – 110mm – 60mm


Product Description:

Do you know IRIE Rolling Papers are from the Roots of Raasta and were especially launched to serve the Ethiopian Rastafarian market. Well, Irie is known for Stuffing, Rolling and Smoking as mentioned on the packaging of the Cigarette Rolling Paper. Irie joint rolling paper is made up of the finest blend of natural hemp plants, which makes them extra light and smooth for a better smoking experience.

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Number of Leaves: Each booklet contains 64 Leaves of Smooth Joint.


Made of Hemp: The Irie rolling papers are made up of pure hemp with a natural gum line for easy and smooth smoke. The quality of the rolling paper enhances the smoking experience. To roll a perfect joint one should always use filter tips.


Dimension: 110mm – 60mm, King Size. The King Size rolling papers are a perfect choice for those smokers who enjoy bigger and thicker joints. Above all, one should always be aware of the size of the rolling paper they smoke as it becomes easier to make the preferences.

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