B.E Hemp Mini Weed Leaf Soaps (Set of 10 soaps. 7g each)


Our new mini weed leaf soaps are going to blow your mind! These  awesome soaps contains all the goodness of our regular hemp soaps, but in a more economic package!


  • Plain Jane – Pure Hemp Soap
  • Rosemary Jane – Rosemary Lemongrass
  • Green Ore – Activated Charcoal & Basil
  • Double Lavender – Lavender and Lavender Buds
  • Country Rose – Poppy Seeds and Tuberose
  • All Variants – You get 2 of each variant with each order!
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Sets of

Plain Jane, Rosemary Jane, Green Ore, Double Lavender, Country Rose, All Variants – 2 of Each Variant!

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