Matka & Mangoes: How a simple soft drink blew my mind (Our 1st experience)!

Matka, you say?
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Matka is just our fun way of referring to Cannabis, thanks to all the restrictions that social media makes us put up with!

So, here I am about to embark on my first cannabis adventure. In a visibly excited, smoke-filled room, I waded through a couple of the red-eyed folks, and took my place among the fold.

Everyone was loaded up with some otherworldly munchies, and the only thing I’d brought along was a Rs 10 bottle of ice-cold Maaza.

Now, I’m not claiming Maaza has a secret pact with cannabis, but let’s just say they make one epic duo! Our smoke sesh lasted for about an hour and was filled with jokes and songs from the oldies. Cracking open the bottle, I promptly began to chug it’s sweet, and I mean, super-sweet nectar.

I had no idea something could taste so good in my life! It was a taste that made me rethink my allegiance to regular soft drinks. Maaza became my go-to partner for those laid-back evenings. At least for some time.

We all change with time, and so did I. Fast forward to a more health-conscious version of me, ditching the fizz for the real deal—fresh mango juice! Why settle for processed when you can have nature’s own refreshment, right?

We’re absolutely blessed in India to have such a diverse mango landscape, and I explored beyond Maaza. Alphonso, Kesar, Langra – each boasting its own flavor symphony. As I upgraded my cannabis adventures to include fresh mango juice, I stumbled upon the fascinating world of terpenes, specifically Myrcene.

Let’s chat about the unsung hero of our post-smoke ritual, Myrcene. It’s not the cool friend at the party; it’s the one playing Cupid between cannabis and your body. Found abundantly in mangoes, myrcene is like the backstage manager, ensuring your high takes the main stage in record time.

Here’s the science: Myrcene is believed to aid the absorption of cannabinoids, particularly THC. It’s the facilitator, the wingman, making sure the connection between cannabinoids and your receptors is as smooth as a well-rolled joint.

So, when you indulge in a mango after a smoke sesh, it’s not just a snack; it’s your way of fast-tracking the party. Myrcene steps in, whispers sweet nothings to your endocannabinoid system, and voila—a more pronounced and speedy high.

Think of it as a low-key power move in the world of cannabis. Your body becomes the VIP lounge, thanks to myrcene, ensuring that the cannabinoids get the express lane treatment. It’s science meets satisfaction, all in the palm of your hand—or, in this case, the peel of a mango.

Next time you’re savoring that post-smoke mango, know that you’re not just enjoying a tasty treat. You’re orchestrating a biochemical symphony, and Myrcene is the conductor making sure your high hits all the right notes. Cheers to the intricate dance between cannabis and terpenes – it’s a partnership that goes beyond flavor and into the realm of an enhanced, faster, and more satisfying experience.

So, here’s to Maaza, the OG sidekick in my cannabis chronicles, and to the mangoes that unknowingly amped up the flavor game. But it’s not just about the taste; it’s about the science, the synergy between terpenes and cannabinoids, and the unique joy of a mango-fueled high.

Whether it’s a sip of Maaza or a gulp of the good stuff straight from the mango, we’re not here to judge anyone on their journey, only to relay ours.

While we may not be selling mangoes or Maaza, we do have other healthier food options in our store, or you can try our new mango-scented healing salves; they’ll knock your socks off!

~ Yours most High, but not Mighty,

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