“Emerald Liberation: A Poem on Cannabis Legalization in India”

The winds of change are blowing strong,
In India, a new song.
For long, it was taboo and banned,
But now, its use is justly planned.

No more hiding, no more shame,
No more whispers, no more blame.
Cannabis is now free to grow,
Its benefits for all to know.

A journey long, a path to light,
The buds of green, a symbol of right.
A victory for the ones who fought,
For the legalization that was sought.

A brighter future, free from fear,
Where cannabis is no longer a tear.
And its powers can be unlocked,
For the betterment of all the stock.

So let us celebrate this day,
Where a new dawn has come to play.
And embrace this change with pride,
As we look towards the future bright.

~ Yours Most High, but not Mighty,

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