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7 Homegrown Companies Paving The Way For Hemp Acceptance

Conversations around hemp and marijuana still hold polarised opinions in India. Many are of the perception that Cannabis and its related substances are all harmful and cause severe implications on a society such as India’s. Ironically, Cannabis has had a significant role to play in the country’s history.

Hemp itself consists lesser than 0.3 per cent of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive component that makes people feel ‘high’. According to Benzinga, “Under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act of 1985, the cultivation of “non-intoxicating cannabis” (i.e., hemp) has been long been legal nationwide.”

With hemp’s many qualities on offer, Homegrown wished to bring you some of the companies using it to its fullest potential in the form of products or services.

The hemp industry, while still in its nascent stages in India, has seen noticeable traction and progress in the past few years. A little over a decade ago, hemp was attached to the same judgement around psychoactive actions as Cannabis that is smoked to actually experience those. Now, it is being recognised for its sustainable characteristics and array of offerings including health benefits, fabric and flavour.

I. B.E Hemp

Making ethically sourced hemp products available to all at affordable prices, B.E Hemp covers all bases when it comes to the hemp industry – they sell products, affiliate themselves with other brands, cater to wholesale needs and also wish to push the hemp message by narrating their (and others’) journey in the Cannabis domain.

This Bengaluru-based organisation’s original hemp products include All-Natural Hemp Soap, All-Purpose Healing Salve and Unbleached Hemp Paper, too! You will also find stationery, wallets, beanies and skincare products on their website.

Bonus points to B.E Hemp for their smart use of words such as ‘Add To Stash’ and ‘Blaze Through Our Shop’ – we know a good wordplay when we see one!

Visit their website here.

II. GinGin

In a country populated by rum and beer drinkers, gin had always remained the dark horse. Shubham Khanna’s GinGin entered the market with a characteristic new to in the Indian space – the addition of hemp. In a past conversation with Shubham, he had mentioned that the hemp seeds themselves added a complex flavour, that helped him finalise the flavour profile.

With sleek bottles and a catchier-than-ever name, GinGin is India’s first hemp craft gin. Almost like the rebellious teenager in the alco-bev sector, we can’t help but applaud the usage of hemp in a spirit that was under-appreciated, to begin with.

Give GinGin a visit here.

Read all about our conversation with entrepreneur Shubham Khanna and his creation GinGin here.

III. Health Horizons

If you’re looking to add a superfood in your diet and improve your overall well-being, Health Horizons will prove to you why that food should be hemp. Apart from Hemp Sativa Nubs, Hemp Powder and Hemp Sativa Oil in their armoury, the company also offers personal care products such as Lavender & Hemp Face Cream, Aloe Vera & Hemp Body Butter and Cold Pressed Hemp Oil.

Not only does Health Horizons make available quality hemp products, but it also considers it important to educate its customer through its ‘Hemp Updates’ and ‘Hemp In The Media’ sections. Additionally, the company also provides you with delicious recipes using hemp! Products, information, and the know-how – Health Horizons hit the bulls-eye!

Go through their website here.

IV. Hemis

Going past just skin and personal care products, Hemis ventures into lifestyle products such as apparel, accessories, furnishing, footwear and stationery. Their products use raw materials that are ‘responsibly sourced, earth-friendly and completely organic’. Making ‘slow living’ reality with a range of hemp and vegan products, Hemis is a one-stop-shop for any hemp products you might need.

Not only does Hemis provide guaranteed quality, but it also does not compromise on the design and style in any way. All products are sleek, appealing and attractive, and tick all the sustainability boxes too.

Find Hemis here.

V. India Hemp & Co.

Once you are over gushing about their adorable package design, you will not be disappointed with their products that blend nutrition and goodness with sustainability. Sisters Jayanti and Shalini Bhattacharya founded India Hemp & Co. to bring together their passions of nature, health, art and business.

They offer Hemp Seed Trail Mix, Hemp Protein Powders, Hemp Seed Oil and more. Keep your eyes peeled for their Care Packs and Fit Kits. They even have a pack dedicated to home chefs to help them add a new dimension in their dishes. Additionally, they have a few hemp recipes up on their website as well.

Explore India Hemp & Co. here.

VI. India Hemp Organic’s ‘CannaBliss’

Rohit Kamath and Loveena Sirohi, the brains behind India Hemp Organics reimagine the way Cannabis is perceived and consumed in the country. Offering nutrition and medicinal healing through their products, IHO released a new medicinal range, ‘CannaBliss’, that consists of Cannabis leaf oils used for several purposes – neurological problems, pain management, insomnia, side-effects of chemotherapy apart from providing daily well-being.

The hemp used is harvested in the Himalayas in the purest form. Its products range into skincare as well as wellness.

Find the CannaBliss collection here.

VII. ItsHemp

Apparel, food, accessories, gifts, furnishing, wellness products – ItsHemp has got it all. They even offer subscription-based purchases of products such as oils and powders. Apart from great products, one can also educate themselves about the Cannabis plant and hemp and where it stands in India. They even have a Hemp Starter Kit for those who are just venturing into this sphere.

What caught our eye is their ‘Pet Products’ section that extends hemp care to your furry loved ones, too!

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