SMK Green Regular Size (60 Leaves)




  • 60 Leaves Each Pack
  • Cut Corners
  • Slow-burning
  • Made of Vegetable Fibres
  • Natural Gum
  • Each Paper is Watermarked


PRODUCT Description:

SMK is a very ancient smoking rolling paper brand that is produced from one of the oldest and most famous ways in the factories of Spain. SMK is a sister brand of the “SMOKING Brand” that has been ruling over the smoking industry for decades. SMK believes in bringing the change to the fingertips.

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  • Leaves: 60 Leaves to smoke better..
  • Made of Vegetable Fibers and Natural Gum: The SMOKING Brand is known in the market for its tree-free and quality rolling papers. The cigarette rolling papers are made up of vegetable fibres with 100% vegetable gum.
  • Slow-burning
  • Cut Corners
  • Dimensions: 69mm – 37mm,Regular Size(Single Wide). The majority of people in India do not know about the sizes of rolling paper available in the market. Infact, a lot of them are unaware of the size of the smoking rolling paper they use.
  • Watermarked: The SMOKING Brand papers are watermarked all over it to state the originality of every paper while helping them to burn slowly and evenly.

Single Booklet, 3 for Rs 99

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