RAW Black Connoisseur 1 1/4th – 50 Leaves + 50 Tips



  • 50 Leaves and 50 tips in each pack
  • Unbleached paper
  • Thinnest rolling paper
  • Made of plant fibers
  • Natural tree sap gum
  • Each paper is watermarked
  • Even and slow-burning
  • Newest Paper in market
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Product Description:

RAW has a record of giving finest smoking products to it’s fellow customers and if you haven’t tried the finest rolling paper then here it is. RAW Black is the finest and thinnest rolling paper available in the market. It is specially made for the upcoming new generation that is more sincere and particular about their every smoke and experience they get out of it. RAW Black is double pressed extra thin and unbleached paper made up of plant fibers and tree sap gum. The RAW Black Connoisseur is a perfect pack of 50 Thinnest Rolling Paper with 50 Tips for an ever-ready smoke.



Leafs Per Pack: 50 Leaves and 50 Tips of true happiness

Unbleached: Well, RAW cigarette rolling paper is not like others available in the market that are chlorine-bleached. RAW is one of them who thinks about its customer’s smoking experience for which it has naturally processed and unbleached rolling papers.


Thinnest Paper: RAW has been in the market for quite a long time with really amazing products out there. RAW Black tobacco rolling paper is one of the finest and thinnest papers ever manufactured in the rolling paper industry. These are high-quality paper produced for a generation like ours to have a high quality of smoke.


Newest Paper: Are you a fan of RAW? Then we guess you might be aware of the fact that RAW Black smoking rolling paper is the latest launched paper of RAW that hit the market around a year ago and is making people go crazy with its smoking quality.


Made of Plant Fibers and Natural Tree Sap Gum: RAW believes in eco-friendly products thus these thinnest rolling papers are made up of plant fibers and naturally extracted tree sap gum line.


Dimensions: 78mm – 43mm, 1 1/4 Size. Most of the time people generally don’t focus on the dimensions of the cigarette rolling paper, but we would say that one should know what they’re using, majority of Indians are unaware of the Different Sizes and variety of rolling paper available in the market through the 1 1/4 is the most used paper.


Watermarked: Each paper is watermarked with RAW over it to identify the originality. Above all, it even has a crisscross marking all over the rolling paper which eventually helps the paper to burn evenly and correctly. To check the originality of the product click here.


Even and Slow Burning: RAW has become one of the most preferred rolling papers in the last decade. Well, they are not just known for being thinnest paper but also for it’s slow and even burning. The RAW rolling paper has a crisscross pattern all over the paper that makes it burn slow and even from all the sides.

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