Mascotte Pink Edition King Size Slim (34 Pink Hemp Sheets)

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Product Details

  • 34 Pink Leaves
  • Made of Hemp
  • Slow Burning
  • Extra Thin


Product Description

The Mascotte is an English company from Netherlands specially known for its classic cigarette rolling papers and cotton filters. The brand has been a part of industry for a time and has been loved by one all who try. The Extra thin Mascotte Rolling Papers are nothing like you have ever tried before. The cigarette rolling paper is made of organic pure hemp fibers with a quality of slow burning.

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Tips in Each Pack: Each pack of rolling paper consist 34 Leaves.

Made of Pure Hemp: The Mascotte extra slim joint rolling papers are made up of pure and organic hemp fibers that gives a better experience while smoking and rolling.


Slow Burning: These Mascotte cigarette rolling papers have a quality of slow and even due to it’s extra thin paper quality.


Dimensions: Dimensions of your Mascotte Slim Rolling Paper is King size Slim. Well it kinda perfect size and the most preferred size. Usually, people don’t notice the size or dimension of rolling paper they use, but it’s essential to know as it clears the preferences of choice.


Extra Thin: Cigarette Rolling Paper is made up of thin pressed technique which makes them one of the thinnest Rolling Papers in the market.

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