Elements Red King Size Slow Burn Hemp Papers (32 Leaves)

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  • 33 Leaves in Each Pack
  • Made of Hemp
  • Natural Sugar Gum
  • Dimensions
  • Ultra-Thin Paper
  • Perfect Fold Technique
  • Each paper is Watermarked
  • Zero Ash
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PRODUCT Description

Elements is one of the known brands in the smoking industry, who’s smoking accessories are made up of earth, water, wind, and fire particles. These tobacco rolling papers by elements are made up of earth-friendly material i.e. pure hemp, with a criss-cross pattern that helps in burning smoothly and evenly. Least like other joint rolling papers, Elements have the ability to create no residue, i.e., zero ash except the caramel created out of sugar gum line. These hemp cigarette rolling papers are rolled with Cigarette Filter Tips.



Leafs Per Pack: 33 Leaves to stay Stoned


Made of Hemp: After dealing in smoking rolling paper made up of rice, Elements tried its hand on hemp paper as they are the most used brown rolling papers in the smoking industry. These red Element cigarette smoking papers are made up of pure natural hemp, which burns slowly.


Natural Sugar Gum: Elements have always used eco-friendly material to make their cigarette paper. The gum used in these Elements cigarette rolling paper is made up of the natural sugar, which turns into caramel while burning.


Dimensions: 110mm – 45mm, King Size Slim. The majority of people in India generally don’t focus on the dimensions of the paper they are using. But one should know what they use and prefer as that makes their preferences very clear. People are even unaware of the fact that there are Different Sizes and Flavors of Cigarette Rolling Papers in market.


Perfect Fold Technique: Most of the cigarette rolling papers have been interleaved, where when you pull out one, the other is ready to be pulled out while folding the sheet into half. Well, for a good roll, one had to re-fold the paper and then roll it for a smoke. To avoid this, Elements came up with a new technique where the interleaving of sheets was done in such a way that they folded at the PERFECT spot for rolling. This new way of interleaving sheets is known as Perfect Fold.


Watermarked: Elements smoking hemp Rolling Papers have a watermark on them to identify the originality of the paper. These rolling papers have a crisscross imprint all over the paper to prevent runs and allow for the smoothest and most even burn.


Zero Ash: Elements are known for zero ash residue, as you may know, they are made up of sugar and rice; thus, the only residue left behind is caramel created by the sugar while burning. They even have crisscross imprint all over that prevents rush while burning.

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